Something from one year ago - so many things changed.


CultboX - May 2019

On May I collaborated with CultboX, a beautiful project by Stefania and Joaquín. Art and literature make us better people, and better people can create a better world, this is why I’m so happy when I can be part of something that promote culture and knowledge. Check their website and, if you understand Spanish, here you can read the interview I had with them about my work and my plans for the future.

Caja sorpresa mayo.jpg


Creating characters and situations from random colour spots.


Into the Rift - Publish a book, fund a film!

Here is something I’ve been working on lately!
I’m super happy to introduce you “Into the rift”, a children’s book by Holly Renaut illustrated be me. It's a story about two rival families and how children and their grandparents have the power to end conflict and bring people together.
From the first time I met Holly I felt a great connection with her, I immediately loved her story and how it was written (by the way, it rhymes!), so right now I feel very honoured and excited.

“Into the rift” is part of a fundraising campaign to help finance the production of a movie in the Kenyan Rift Valley. If you want to help us printing the book, get your copy and be part of this amazing project, you can join us at this link!


I can’t wait to show you more and give you updates about this, but since I love seeing the creation process of a book, here you have some sketches and studies for “Into the rift” - at the end it came out quite different though!


L'Italia che resiste

Another sketch inspired by a demonstration I participated to the latest time I was in Italy.

l'Italia che resiste.jpeg


Sketch created with 3 Tombow colours! I have drawn this while listening to a playlist that inspired me a lot and awakened so many memories. Trying to concentrate on the beautiful things of the past and not on the bad ones is definitely useful, but it can also be painful.